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Points for Pedals 

In collaboration with Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc.

Welcome to Crossover Academy Junior

Six Programs to Help You Earn Points Toward a Free Bike!

Meet the Crossover Student Players Who Have Earned Their Free Bike

This is a fun video for you to watch … just for FUN! Enjoy!!

These programs will help you:

  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Increase your intelligence
  • Understand and apply close reading skills
  • Prepare you for adolescence
  • Expose you to the great composers and their musical achievements
  • Learn about famous inventors and their contributions to the world
  • Explore art forms and artistic styles

Get Ready To ….


Follow These Steps

  • Review the web site
  • Register to participate
  • Receive your Crossover Academy Junior Portfolio
  • Start working on the courses
  • Complete all six courses OR make the Honor Roll (All A or A/B) for at least three out of four quarters in the same school year

• Complete the “bike safety” module

• Submit Request Review Form

• Attend a bicycle safety class

• Receive your free bike

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