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8 Powerful Courses to Build Your Capacity for Success!

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Get Ready To ….

Bring Your Game!

These programs will help you:

  • Identify and build your purpose in life
  • Unleash the power of your brain
  • Start using brain smart techniques
  • Learn the seven habits of highly effective teens
  • Understand how the Internet really works
  • Master smart rules for good writing
  • Examine your options for college
  • Improve your basketball skills with drills from the Pros (Elective)
  • Explore the beauty and expanse of the universe (Elective)
  • Learn how to type (for real) (Elective)

Follow These Steps

To earn a free bike, you must also:

  • Complete the “bike safety” module
  • Attend a bicycle safety class
  • Receive your free bike
  • Register to participate
  • Review the web site
  • Receive your Crossover Academy Pro Portfolio
  • Start working on the courses

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