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Crossover Mission Hall of Fame - Awards


Our Review Board

Mr. Antoine Jennings - Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Crossover Mission Head Coach

Mrs. Cathy De Schouwer - Co-founder and Executive Director

Mr. Johnny Johnson - Operations Manager and Assistant Head Coach

Ms. Kim Hanley - Director of Education


Those individuals who are inducted into the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame will receive the following awards and/or privileges:

  • Recognition and admission into the Hall of Fame at the yearly  event with enthusiastic supporters present.
  • A personalized and engraved trophy.
  • An official letter of acceptance signed by the Crossover Mission Head Coach Mr. Antoine Jennings and Executive Director Mrs. Cathy De Schouwer.
  • A Certificate of Admission into the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame. 
  • A picture of the recipient receiving his or her award displayed in the Crossover Mission Center's “Hall of Fame Display Case.”
  • A personalized tribute page on the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame web site that exclusively honors the recipient and his or her accomplishments.

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