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Crossover Mission Hall of Fame - Awards


Our 2019 Review Board

Mr. Bill Harris - Former Crossover Mission Board President. Bill has worked tirelessly in support of Crossover Mission, heading many fundraising projects and providing invaluable leadership and support. Indian River County resident.

Mr. Bob Parsons - President, CEO and Chairman of a specialty construction products company covering the northeast region of the US. Founding board member of Crossover Mission. Indian River County resident.

Mr. Milo Thornton - Crossover Mission Board Member; Captain of Uniform Patrol Operations for Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. Indian River County resident.

Antoine Jennings, Jr. - Crossover Mission Hall of Fame Honoree for 2018.


Those individuals who are inducted into the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame will receive the following awards and/or privileges:

  • Recognition and admission into the Hall of Fame at the yearly Crossover Mission fundraising event with a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters present.
  • A personalized and engraved wall plaque.
  • An official letter of acceptance signed by the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame Review Board.
  • A Certificate of Admission into the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame. 
  • A picture of the recipient receiving his or her award displayed on the Crossover Mission Center's "Wall of Fame."
  • A personalized tribute page on the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame web site that exclusively honors the recipient and his or her accomplishments.
  • Honorees will serve as participating members of the Review Board for two years after their own induction, unless for some reason this is not possible. Along with regular members of the Review Board, honorees will add their signatures to the official letter of acceptance of new honorees.

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