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Transcendence Academy

A Sisterhood of Crown-Builders

Building Our Own Crowns • Protecting Our Sisters’ Crowns

The Crowning Ceremony

Girls in middle school and above who participate in the sisterhood “Circle of Hearts” events on a regular basis, complete the course requirements, and live up to the Transcendence Academy standards will be crowned with a tiara of their choice (red, green, or blue) at the Crossover Mission End-of-Year Banquet and Awards Celebration held in May of each year.

If the participants have completed all the requirements, they will receive a “gift certificate” to have their hair styled prior to the banquet. They should dress appropriately for the occasion and be prepared to come forward during the banquet to be officially crowned.

Girls who have already received their crowns can and should continue to participate in the “Circle of Hearts” events. Also, they should continue to support the Transcendence Sisterhood by providing academic support to the younger sisterhood members and supporting other Crossover activities and events.

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