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Crossover Mission Hall of Fame - Eligibility


To be eligible for induction into the Crossover Mission Hall of Fame, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must be in the 9th grade or higher.
  • Must be a Crossover member in good standing with consistent participation in Crossover events and activities for no less than two years prior to review.
  • Must come highly recommended by Coach Jennings, Coach Johnny, Mrs. De Schouwer, or Mrs. Hanley.
  • Must demonstrate excellent basketball skills, training spirit, and sportsmanship.
  • Must be an independent learner who takes responsibility for his or her academic performance, which includes seeking academic assistance whenever needed.
  • Must maintain a semester grade of "C" or higher in all subjects for the two years prior to review.
  • Must have a clean discipline record in school for one year prior to review -- no fighting, referrals, in-school suspensions, or out-of-school suspensions.
  • Must have a clean civil record for two years prior to review -- no criminal activity or law-breaking incidents.
  • Must have a clean digital footprint. Social media accounts cannot contain vulgar language or references to violence, substance abuse, or gangs.
  • Must submit statements of approval/disapproval from two current core subject teachers (non-elective subjects) and one letter of recommendation from a trusted adult (for example, coach, band director, mentor, other caring adult) prior to review. The letter of recommendation may not be written by a member of your family. 
  • Must possess a Certificate of Graduation from Crossover Academy Pro.
  • Must have 50 hours of documented service to Crossover Mission and/or another form of community service prior to review.

Information and Forms for Download

Download the eligibility checklist.

Download the service hours documentation form.

Download teacher approval/disapproval letter & form.

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