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Level 2: Is College In Your Future?

Explore All Your Options - You May Be Surprised!

Note: Privacy law necessitates a warning that whenever a person follows external links, such as watching videos, he or she may be exposed to unintended third party tracking. 

Don’t forget to submit a completion form for each part of the course by using the links below!

Level 2 Course

 Completion Form

 When you fully complete each part of the course, submit the appropriate form.


  • This course is based on Khan Academy's program: College Admissions.
  • You must obtain a Crossover user name and password so that your work can be tracked and documented. If you already have these credentials, check with Mrs. Hanley to be sure these will log you in as part of Crossover. If you have forgotten your login credentials, Mrs. Hanley can recover them for you.  
  • Go to: The Khan Academy web site will open to the exact page you need in a separate browser window, which means this page will remain open in a tab behind it.
  • If someone else is still logged in on the computer you are using, you must sign that person out and then log yourself in or they'll get the credit instead of you.
  • In this course you are just watching the videos. There are no interactive questions to complete, but you must watch each video to the end to get credit. 
  • Khan Academy automatically sends a weekly progress report to Crossover, providing detailed information about what each student has done that week. So, we always know what you have completed and when you completed it. We also know if you only start a video but don't finish it.
  • To get credit for this course you must watch all the videos in these sections and submit a completion form. Use the inks in the gray box to the left.
    • Introduction: Getting Started - 16 videos
    • Making High School Count - 16 videos
    • Exploring College Options - 19 videos
    • Applying To College - 20 videos
  • NOTE: Most of these videos are short and they move pretty quickly. You can move from one to the other quite easily. Make sure you watch each one to the end so your Khan Academy transcript registers credit for each video.
  • Submit a completion form for each part of the course completed by using the links provided on the left side of the page under the yellow burst. 

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