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The Magic Pen: Develop Close Reading Skills

Learn to determine the purpose for a text, find word meanings in context, make inferences based on clues from the text, and identify the five elements of a plot -- all while reading a fun story!


  • 1. The Magic Pen program is an iPad App. You must use an iPad to complete this program. Ask your tutor to check out a Crossover iPad. Crossover iPads have the Magic Pen App downloaded and ready to use. No username or password is required. You will need to come back to this page at some point to complete numbers 6 and 7.
  • 2. Access the Magic Pen App. Listen to the instructions and complete the First Virtual Reading Coach Challenge. Have your tutor document this on the Magic Pen log in your portfolio.
  • 3. Read each chapter and complete the Virtual Reading Coach Challenge for each one. There are four chapters and four Reading Coach Challenges.
  • 4. After the Chapter 4 Reading Coach Challenge, there is a section titled Discovering Your Spark. Listen to this information and complete the activity questions.
  • 5. Move on to the section titled How Stories End: Open Endings/Alternate Endings. Discuss this with your tutor. No written assignment is required.
  • 6. Submit The Magic Pen Completion Form to document when you have completed each part of the book. If you complete more than one part in one session, wait until you are done with those parts before submitting the completion form. The form allows you to check more than one part at a time. You can submit the form as many times as needed, until all parts of the book have been completed.
  • 7. When you have finished numbers 1 - 6, access the Magic Pen Study Guide. This PDF will open in a separate browser window. You can also print this guide. Review it carefully with your tutor, and when your tutor determines you are ready, come back to this page and take the program quiz. 
  • 8. To take the program quiz, click the Magic Pen Quiz button below.

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