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A Sisterhood of Crown-Builders

Building Our Own Crowns • Protecting Our Sisters’ Crowns

The Transcendence Sisterhood

“Circle of Hearts”

What is the meaning of sisterhood?

The meaning of sisterhood is a genuine experience of care and support for one another. Sisterhood is a bond that ties members together. The support between “sisters” is ongoing and trustworthy.

What are the qualities of sisterhood?

A good sister demonstrates qualities of honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness. She communicates with her friends and doesn't forget, ignore, or overlook what is important to them.

Why is sisterhood so important?

A true sisterhood helps members share both the happy and sad parts of their experiences. It allows each member to see the best of who she is in the eyes of other girls. The validation and affirmation that comes from being truly seen in positive ways by other girls of a similar age are what make a sisterhood so powerful and meaningful.

What are the steps for building a meaningful and long-lasting sisterhood?

  • Be happy for other girl’s success.
  • Be genuine. Show care and concern for a sister’s well-being.
  • Listen (really listen) to what other girls have to say. Listen in a way that really shows you care.
  • Smile! You have no idea what a good impact you can have on another person by simply smiling at them. 
  • Inspire other girls to be confident about themselves. 
  • Stand up for other girls. Protect their feelings. Respect their reputations.
  • Let go of past grudges.
  • Build alliances (supportive friendships). Read the information on building alliances in the yellow box below.

What is the “Circle of Hearts?”

Several times throughout the year members of the “sisterhood” come together to share not only the ways they are building their own crowns but also, how they are helping to protect and assist other sisterhood members to build their crowns. They also participate in team-building games and activities designed to help them bond and build long-term friendships. This time of togetherness is meant to cheer them on and help them achieve their goals.

How can the “Circle of Hearts” be helpful?

You can learn from other sisters. More experienced sisters can guide you through situations you haven't yet experienced, even help you avoid or overcome difficult problems. The sisterhood is meant to provide you with allies — others to look up to, who look up to you, and who can provide ongoing support. 

The “Circle of Hearts” will inspire you to be better, work harder, and strive toward your goals. Growing up in a true sisterhood can encourage you to be more ambitious, independent, and successful.

Five tips for building alliances:

  • Be supportive. Start by offering your support to others when you sense they need it. 
  • Nurture your allies (friends). One good deed, though, won't be enough to form an alliance. Your support must be long-lasting.
  • Communicate respect. 
  • Be sensitive to the other person’s boundaries. Don't ask for too much. 
  • Don't take offense. Think through the circumstances and listen to the other side.

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