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Transcendence Academy — Course 2

The Importance of YOUR Education


  • This course consists of three lessons. Each lesson has its own instructions.
  • Lesson 1 requires you to review a set of terms, watch a video that outlines the importance of getting a good education, then take a quiz on the information presented.
  • Lesson 2 requires you to read an online biographical sketch of Michelle Obama, watch a video talk that she gave to female students in England, then take a quiz on the information.
  • In Lesson 3 you will complete an “Intelligence Survey,” transfer the results to the online form provided and submit it, then watch a video explaining the nine types of intelligence.
  • The PDFs, the web page, intelligence survey results form, and quizzes will open in separate browser windows, so this page will remain open behind them. The quizzes are open book, so if you need to refer back to the information presented, you may do that.

Lesson 1: The Importance of YOUR Education


Step 1: Open the PDF Study Guide and review the terms with your tutor. These terms are on the quiz, so make sure you understand them.

Step 2: Watch the video: The Importance of YOUR Education. The video will open in a separate browser window, so this page will stay open behind it.

Step 3: After reviewing the terms and watching the video, take the Lesson Quiz.

Lesson 2: First African-American First Lady of the United States


Step 1: Go to this web page and read the story of Michelle Obama with your tutor.

August 17, 2020

TIME for Kids and American Girl

Step 2: Watch the video: Michelle Obama: A passionate, personal case for education. 

Step 3: After reading the web page and watching the video, take the Lesson Quiz.

Lesson 3: Identify Your Top Intelligence Types

Lesson 3: Identify Your Top Three Intelligence Types

Based On: 9 Types of Intelligence by Psych2Go


  • Open and print this Intelligence Survey
  • Read and follow the directions provided on the survey. This survey will help you determine your types of intelligence and discover which are your strongest.
  • Your tutor can help with the directions for filling out the survey.
  • When you have completed the survey, fill out the completion form by clicking this link. 
  • After completing the Intelligence Survey, transferring your results to the completion form, and submitting the form, watch the video for this lesson.

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