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Building Our Own Crowns • Protecting Our Sisters’ Crowns

Transcendence Academy Requirements

The Significance of a Crown

A “crown” is placed upon the head (the highest part of a person) to show honor or reward. Being crowned signifies recognition of a person’s dignity, the completion of something worthwhile, or the marking of a successful or triumphant conclusion after putting forth significant effort.

Dignity comes from the Latin word dignitas, meaning “to be worthy of respect.” Human dignity is one of the most important things to the human spirit. It means being valued and respected for what you are, what you believe in, and how you live your life. Treating other people with dignity means recognizing and offering the respect every person deserves.

How to treat others with dignity and respect:

  • Acknowledge each person's worth.
  • Have empathy for every person's life situation.
  • Listen to and encourage each other's opinions and input.
  • Validate other people's contributions.
  • Avoid gossiping, teasing, and other discouraging behavior.

Requirements for building and earning your crown:

  • You must be a member of Crossover Mission.
  • You must register to be part of the Transcendence Academy.
  • You must complete all of the Transcendence Academy courses.
  • You must participate in the “Circle of Hearts” events that take place several times throughout the year. In these events you will share the ways you are building your own crown and helping others to do the same.
  • You must also participate in weekly academic tutoring and schedule time to work on your Transcendence Academy courses.
  • You must take responsibility for your education. Accept academic support.
  • You must maintain a semester grade of “C” or higher in all subjects for the academic year prior to earning your crown.
  • You must maintain a clean school discipline record, be respectful to your teachers and school administrators. (No fighting or school suspensions.)


  • You are strongly encouraged to explore and develop your talents and abilities as part of your crown-building process. Look for and accept the assistance of others who can help you. Crossover Mission believes that young women who work hard to develop their intelligence, talents, and abilities and who demonstrate strong performance character both in school and in life deserve to be recognized and honored.
  • Girls who have already received their crowns can and should continue to participate in the “Circle of Hearts” events. Also, they should continue to support the Transcendence Sisterhood by providing academic support to the younger members and supporting other Crossover activities and events.

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