Mentor Resources

Providing Support for Under-Resourced Learners

Recommended Mentor Resources Overview

Volunteers, Tutors, Mentors, Coaches, and Staff


A carefully selected set of books to enlighten and inform readers on the many issues faced by children from under-resourced environments. Understanding cultural difference, racial bias, and economic disadvantage is essential.  


A cross-referenced set of articles written by some of the authors of our book collection and other authors with wide and varied experience in social outreach and education. 

Web Sites

A collection of educational web sites from which worksheets and activities can be downloaded. Some sites offer online interactive learning opportunities that can be utilized by tutors, mentors, and parents.


A collection of rich video content from several of the authors of the books and articles collection. The educational themes include student development, instructional motivation, and practical methodology. 


A wide variety of downloadable, print-ready resources for different age groups and subjects. Some are worksheets, some are hand outs, and some contain tutor/mentor guidelines. 


If you know of a book, article, web site, video, or some other resource that should be added to this collection, please make this suggestion to Mrs. Hanley, Crossover Education Coordinator. She will assess it and pass the information along to the Program Development Coordinator.

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