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Crossover Academy Pro Graduation

For Level 1 Graduation

Customized Letter Jacket or Free Bike

Here are some things you should know about Crossover Academy Pro Graduation:

  • To graduate at Level 1, you must complete all five main courses.
  • To graduate at Level 2, you must complete all five main courses and the level 2 course: Is College in Your Future? 
  • Course requirements differ, so be sure you understand what you must do to complete each course successfully.
  • To have your graduation requirements reviewed, please complete the graduation application form by clicking the red arrow below.
  • When the graduation application form is received, the Crossover Academy Pro staff will review your course record and portfolio to confirm that all graduation requirements have been met.
  • Each Crossover Academy Pro participant who has completed the Level 1 graduation requirements will be presented with a custom-designed letter jacket, unless he or she has opted for the free bike.  Those graduating with Level 2 requirements met will receive a personalized and engraved basketball, as well as the letter jacket or bike. (See the examples to the right.)
  • Graduates who opt for the free bike must also complete the online bike safety module and attend a bicycle safety class provided by Bike Walk Indian River County.

Crossover Academy Pro

Application for Graduation

- OR -

Earning a free bike also requires completion of the online safety module and participation in a bike safety and care class provided by BWIRC. 

For more information, talk to Mrs. Hanley.

Earn a FREE Bike!

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For Level 2 Graduation

Customized Letter Jacket or Free Bike

PLUS a Customized Basketball

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