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Points for Pedals 

In collaboration with Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc.

How to Earn Your Free Bike

Here are some things you should know about earning your free bike:

  • You must be a currently registered Crossover Mission member.
  • You should be in grades 4 through 6.
  • You must complete all six courses. Each completed course is worth 50 points. You need 300 points to earn your free bike or Letter Jacket.
  • If going for the free bike, you must complete the online bicycle safety review. You will find this information on the Bike Safety page.
  • Course requirements differ, so be sure you understand what you must do to complete each one successfully.
  • When your Crossover Academy Junior courses and bike safety unite are complete, you are ready to have your record reviewed. Please go to the "Request Review" page and submit the request review form.
  • When the request review form is received, the Crossover Academy Junior staff will review your course completion record to confirm that all program requirements have been met.
  • When it is determined that all course requirements have been met and you are going for the bike, you will be signed up for the required safety and bicycle care course provided by Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc.
  • Arrangements will be made with your parent(s) regarding transportation to and from the bike safety/care class.
  • You will be presented with your new bike at the conclusion of your bike safety/care class.

Can girls earn a free bike?

YES! While Crossover Mission's student athletes are primarily boys, we do have a few girls, and girls in the appropriate grades are also welcome to work toward earning a free bike.

— OR —
Complete 6 programs to earn a Crossover Letter Jacket.

Three Important Things To Remember!

  • 1. You must complete all six courses. 
  • 2. If you are going for the bike, you must complete the online bicycle safety review and attend a bicycle safety and care class provided by Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc.

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