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Points for Pedals 

In collaboration with Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc.

Request a Review of Your Progress

Before you submit your request for review, be sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a currently registered Crossover Mission member.
  • You should be in grades 4 through 6.
  • You must complete all six courses.
  • You must complete the online bicycle safety review. You will find this information on the Bike Safety page.
  • You agree to attend a bicycle safety and care class provided by Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc. prior to receiving your free bicycle.
  • You can visit the Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc. web site to learn more about their projects and services. (Click the logo below the picture on the left.)

Crossover Academy Junior 

Request Review of Course Completion

When you click this arrow, you will be taken to a secure web form portal. Fill out the form. When you submit the form, you will be redirected back to this page.

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