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Famous Inventors and Scientists

And Their Contributions to the World



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Note: There are six books to choose from, but you only need to read five. These are actual books available at the Crossover Center, not books that are read online. They are listed below in alphabetical order by the last name of the person about whom the book is written. You may read your five books in any order.

Alexander Graham Bell

Setting the Tone for Communication

Inventor of the Telephone

Marie Curie

Scientist Who Made Glowing Discoveries

Pioneer in Radiology

Thomas Edison

Inventor With a Lot of Bright Ideas

Inventor of the Light Bulb

Albert Einstein

Universal Genius

Theory of Relativity

Henry Ford

Big Wheel in the Auto Industry

He Made Automobiles Affordable

The Wright Brothers

Inventors Whose Ideas Took Flight

First Successful Powered Airplane

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