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Transcendence Academy

A Sisterhood of Crown-Builders

Building Our Own Crowns • Protecting Our Sisters’ Crowns

Register for the Transcendence Academy


  • Before participating in the “Circle of Hearts” sessions or completing any of the Transcendence Academy courses, you must register your participation by filling out and submitting the Registration Form.
  • Click the red arrow below. You will be taken to a secure web form portal.
  • This is a one-time form. Once you are registered, you do not have to register again.
  • Provide all the information requested.
  • After you submit your registration form, you will be redirected back to this web site.
  • Read the "What Happens After Registration?" information to the right before accessing and submitting the registration form.

What Happens After Registration:

When your registration form is received:

  • The Academic Director will provide a schedule for the “Circle of Hearts” events and set up a work schedule for you.
  • You may work on the Transcendence Academy courses during the weekly sessions after your homework is complete.
  • All work on these courses is to be done either in the presence of an official Crossover tutor at the Crossover Academic Center or virtually with an official Crossover tutor/mentor.

Crossover Transcendence Academy Registration Form

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