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It’s All About Respect

Based on the book: Bullying Is a Pain in the Brain

By Trevor Romain • Illustrated by Steve Mark


  • This course is based on the Chapter 1 of the book Bullying Is a Pain in the Brain. There are multiple copies of the book available at the Crossover Center, but for this course you will be using only the first chapter.
  • There are two lessons. Lesson 1 requires you to read an online PDF of the first chapter and take a quiz on the material you read. For Lesson 2, there is no reading. You will complete a personal survey instead of a quiz.
  • First, read Chapter 1 with your tutor. After reading the chapter, click the "Quiz" button and complete the interactive questions. The quiz will open in a separate browser window, so this page will remain open behind the quiz page. Your browser will create a new tab for both the Lesson 1 Quiz and the Lesson 2 Survey.
  • The Chapter 1 Quiz is open book, so if you need to refer back to the book during the quiz, you may do that.
  • ONCE YOU START THE QUIZ, DO NOT STOP UNTIL COMPLETED. If you quit too soon, your work may be lost and you will need to start again.
  • At the beginning of the quiz you will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your first and last name, the date, and the name of your tutor. 
  • You may take the quiz up to three times in order to pass it.

Lesson 1 

Chapter 1 - Do You Have a Problem With Bullying?

(Pages 1 -11 in the book)

Click the book icon to the left to open the PDF and read Chapter 1. The material will open in a separate browser window. When you and your tutor have completed the reading, click the Lesson Quiz button to the right and follow directions.

Lesson 2

A Survey

Based on Chapter 8 - Are YOU Bullying?

(Pages 88 - 91 in the book)

For this lesson you will take a personal survey. Click the Quiz button begin the survey of questions. These questions are taken from the questions in Chapter 8 of the book Bullying Is a Pain in the Brain. Answer each question honestly. The survey questions are designed to help you assess your own behaviors and attitudes, just in case you may be acting like a bully from time to time. Based on these questions, you may need to change the way you treat others and show them more RESPECT. When you have completed the survey, and submit the survey, you will be redirected back to this page.

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